Price Tracker extension for shopping on AliExpress

Price Tracker extension for shopping on AliExpress

Alitools monitors price changes for products on AliExpress, indicates seller trust levels, searches products and provides real reviews, tracks parcels.

Покупайте на 24% дешевле с помощью истории цены
за полгода.

Повысьте безопасность покупок до 98% благодаря оценке надёжности продавца.

Сэкономьте 30 минут
на поиске обзоров товара.

Смотрите похожие товары и выбирайте лучшее предложение

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16 990 295 purchases

Alitools helps to make a purchase from a right seller at the right time

Features of


Choose a story
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Price history

Why people use Alitools?

They want to make sure the product they buy is not a fake, has a real discount at the trusted seller.

No more mess with navigation on AliExpress™. Use Alitools for quick product search.

Track the price history
Avoid fake seller discounts
buy when the price is drop
Уведомления о падении цены

Charlotte missed the sale with a good discount

Charlotte loves sales. She recently missed a promotion where
her friend bought a new phone for half price.

Charlotte has installed Alitools and now keeps track of the prices of the products she likes. As soon as the price drops, Charlotte receives a push notification from Alitools.

be aware of sales with real discounts
receive price drop notifications
Рейтинг продавца

Lucas paid for the goods, and the seller hasn't sent them in two weeks.

Lucas had no idea that there were unreliable sellers until he ran into one of them. The money had been paid, the goods had not been shipped, and the seller disappeared.

Lucas looks at a seller rating in Alitools now.
The extension warns Lucas when a seller is unreliable.

check the seller's reliability rating
get tips on working with a seller
Похожие товары

Oliver purchased a gift and found the same product cheaper from another seller

Oliver didn't have time one day, so he purchased at the first seller on AliExpress. Then he saw the same product for cheaper at another seller and got upset.

Since then, Oliver has been looking at similar items with Alitools and finding the best offerings from multiple sellers within minutes.

see similar products from other sellers
choose the best offer by price, rating or popularity
Обзоры и фотографии

Ashley received a product she wasn't expecting.

One day Ashley ordered a large gym bag for training, and she received an ugly bag.

Karina looks at actual photos of products from customers directly on the product page with Alitools before ordering anything.

see actual pictures of the product from customers
check the quality of goods before you buy them
Отслеживание посылок

Bella ordered a dress, but
the package was never delivered

Bella was expecting to receive the dress for her birthday, but the seller sent it to the wrong address.

Bella installed Alitools and now tracks packages by a tracking number in Alitools. When she sees a package going the wrong way, Bella immediately contacts the seller.

track a package with a tracking number
receive notifications when a parcel status changes
How it works

Seamless fast speed installation


Click the install button on the website


Confirm the installation at your browser store


Get to the online store after the installation is complete


Use Alitools to choose products

Absolutely free browser extension
for a smart shopping
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User Reviews

Martin Masarira

Its a great extension. it will automatically shows you coupons which you can get discount for particular product & price up and down in time wise. Practically its a good tool

Comment on Chrome Web Store, 23.03.2021

Charisma Djons

You guys deserves the best the of the best tool I’ve ever used, its free its easy convenient user friendly and very promising. Recommended extension!

Comment on Chrome Web Store, 16.09.2021

Lahiru Premarathna

It is very helpful to find and analyze different sellers there prices as well as shipping and tracking details and many more useful facts regarding to the product we search.

Comment on Chrome Web Store, 05.11.2021
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